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Get carried away on the tropical wave of summer!

The popular Refresha® Drinks will be coming to Starbucks coffee shops at the beginning of summer! Thanks to the combination of the craft of our baristas and a unique combination of flavors, they offer a great and refreshing experience! Visit your favorite cafe and try them all!

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Get your Favourites Delivered!


Starbucks® Delivers

Never miss a beverage this Winter with Starbucks Delivers

Enjoy all your favourites and cosy up on your sofa while binge-watching your preferred series.

We deliver right to your door so you can enjoy your hot chocolate or a steaming hot latte without moving from the comfort of your home!

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New collection of SUMMER Merchanside

An exquisite collection of Cold Cups, Tumblers and Starbucks mugs. Which one is your favourite?

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Odyssey Blend I Coffee of the month

A blend of coffee beans from around the world – Papua New Guinea, Colombia, East Africa and Sumatra. This timeless coffee blend of black cherry notes and cedar spice is a favorite among many customers. Enjoy the perfect cup of this coffee with your friends and loved ones in the spring season of new beginnings.

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Bugibba Store Entrance Shot

Starbucks Stories

Keep up to date with our latest stories and news.

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