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Medium-roasted coffee beans are smooth and balanced, with rich, approachable flavours.

Tribute Blend Product Photo

Tribute Blend l Notes of black cherry & baking spices

Welcome to a unique blend of coffee beans that has been a huge hit with coffee lovers around the globe since its world debut in 2011. The Starbucks Tribute Blend® celebrates the incredible diversity of the world of coffee, and this year's blend includes four varieties from our favorite regions: herbal Sumatra, chocolatey Colombia, spicy Papua New Guinea and fruity Ethiopia. Four distinct tones bring a perfect harmony that stands out thanks to careful processing techniques. The new Starbucks Tribute Blend® coffee bean blend will amaze you with notes of black cherries and baking spices and is perfect for cold winter days. The full taste with a chocolate undertone will warm your heart.


Colombia | Herbal and Juicy

Colombia Nariño has a juicy mouthfeel and herbal flavour notes, a testament to the hearty riches of volcanic soils. Sitting at 7,500 feet of elevation, nestled among the beautiful and distinctive Colombian countryside, these farms produce the very best of this amazing coffee. It’s remarkable and distinctive flavour creates a loyal following of coffee lovers.

Available in Whole Bean, Starbucks® by Nespresso Capsules, Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew


Ethiopia | Soft & Velvety

An exquisite blend with a reverence for the ritual of coffee, honouring Ethiopia’s bountiful legacy. With a velvety soft texture and floral, peppery spice notes, this is our tribute to the birthplace of coffee.

Available in Whole Bean


Guatemala Antigua | Cocoa & Softly Spicy

Elegant and refined with layers of unfolding flavour—notes of lemon, chocolate and soft spice. The Antigua Valley of Guatemala is treasured for its 100-year-old farms, nutrient-rich volcanic soil and its coffee, which is the touchstone of quality.

Available in Whole Bean


Kenya | Juicy & Complex

Bright with a juicy acidity, low wine notes and fruity flavours – ranging from black currant and blackberry to tart grapefruit, unmistakable notes found in no other origin – that become more pronounced as the coffee cools, Kenya is delicious served over ice and an important ingredient in our iced-coffee blends.

Available in Whole Bean

House Blend

House Blend | Lively & Balanced

It’s deceptively simple. A blend of Latin American beans roasted to a glistening, dark chestnut colour. Loaded with flavour, balancing tastes of nut and cocoa, just a touch of sweetness from the roast. Aroma, body and flavour all in balance.

Available in Whole Bean

Pike Place

Pike Place® Roast | Smooth & Balanced

Pike Place® Roast is as much a celebration of our proud history at the market as a heartfelt toast to our discerning customers. Whether you prefer it straight up or complemented with cream and sugar, we promise a bold, satisfying cup that’s rich in flavour yet balanced enough to enjoy every day.

Available in Whole Bean