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Free non-dairy choices for all, only at Starbucks!

Responsibly sourced coffee and handcrafted beverages with a variety of customization options had and always will be at the heart of Starbucks. 

To ensure you can always choose your favourite non.dairy match, we no longer charge for any of the milk alternatives available in our stores - including at, soya, almon and coconut. 


Soy 🥛

Delicate taste, designed for those who do not like to experiment and love classic flavors.


Coconut 🥥

The definition of new taste and unusual combinations - a perfect match for Matcha or Iced Drinks.


Almond 🥜

Delicious nutty flavor, perfect for milk and chocolate beverages.


Oat 🌾

Coffee breat, a moment for yourself... to enjoy your favourite drink with a delicate oat flavor.

What will be your next non-dairy beverage?

C06_Non-Dairy_Beverages WEBSITE

NON-DAIRY Hot Beverages

TRY OUR RECOMENDATION! 💗 ◾️ Chai Tea Latte with Soy Drink

◾️ Matcha Tea Latte with Coconut Drink

◾️ Oat Drink Flat White

◾️ Caffee Lattee with Almond Drink

C06_Non-Dairy_Beverages Iced WEBSITE

NON-DAIRY Iced Beverages

Try our reccomendation! 💗 ◾️️ Coconut Matcha Frappucino ◾️ Iced Caffe Latte with Soy Drink ◾️ Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso ◾️ Pink Coconut Refresha